Canine First Aid


Saturday 14th April, 2018 - 10am - 1pm


£50 per person


Canine First Aid Course 

With Caroline Clark of Pet Education


Here are just some of the areas included on this accredited, 3 hour veterinary endorsed course:


  1. Carrying out a primary assessment of the animal
  2. Dealing with wounds and controlling haemorrhage
  3. Choking & respiratory obstruction
  4. Poisonous agents
  5. Dealing with seizures
  6. Dealing with acute gastro-intestinal problems
  7. CPR - Demonstrations and hands-on practical opportunities
  8. And lots more…….


Fun to Focus Workshop


Kay Attwood is an internationally renowned trainer and was a finalist in the Kennel Club Trainer of the Year Award


Saturday 12th May


It can be 'FUN to Focus'! 

Do you have problems trying to keep your dog calm? Does your dog get over excited and stop listening to you at the sight of another dog, person or cyclist? Does your dog jump up when excited? Is your dog unable to contain its excitement at meal times or other? Would you like to teach your dog to focus on you and learn some new skills? 

Generally, are there moments when your dog is 'Out of Control' and unable to control its impulses? 

Then this amazing workshop's for your dog! This is a FUN workshop, teaching tricks and various other ways to keep your dog calm and focused. 

We will show you through playing games and LOTS of other fun exercises, how to get your dog focused on you and keep your dog calm including with distractions, all by using force free methods! 


Booking Essential!  Handler £85  Spectator £40

Book both workshops 12th  May - Fun to Focus  13th May - Top of the Class

Handler £160    Spectator £75


Sunday 13th May

Top of the Class - Brain games for you and your dog! 

Whether you want to learn how to keep your dog stimulated with exciting games, or you are a dog trainer running classes - this workshop will give you some great ideas to keep your dog engaged.  

Suitable for all levels of obedience from puppy to advanced. 

If you struggle to find a new angle to teach certain exercises in your classes and you want to stand out from your competition, this is the workshop for you! 


• Games for all levels from Puppy to Advanced 

• Using everyday items as equipment 

• Inspiring games for all 

• An injection of fun! 

• New Ideas to teach various behaviours 

• Games that involve movement 

• Peripheral vision games 

• Stay Games 

• Match and Sample games 

• Scent work games 

• Games to encourage focus 

• Problem Solving Games 

• Only kind and humane methods 


  • Unique match and sample using the part of the brain, responsible for problem solving 
  • Learning new skills that help your dog in all manner of ways, whether behaviourally or general peace of mind 
  • Improve your dogs cognitive abilities and stave off dementia! 
  • Lots of fun for you and your dog 


Booking Essential!  Handler £85  Spectator £40

Book both workshops 12th  May - Fun to Focus  13th May - Top of the Class

Handler £160    Spectator £75


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