Message from Tracy after a 1 to 1 session to help with reactivity followed by the first session of an intro course. May 2021  

Hi Christine

Thank you for last night, we really enjoyed it and I'm sure Marley did.

I just had to let you know how well he did this morning bless him, I was late out with him and we walked past about 6 different people. It cost me a LOT of treats but I kept him occupied and there was NO barking and lunging, I was so proud of him. We were a short distance away but it was only a short distance.

Some of them gave me a funny look cos I kept launching into the 76543 or 123 ?? but it really did work.

It was way better than the clicker so thank you so so much x


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Anna from Malton wrote in February 2020


Just wanted to say a big thank you to James for the puppy classes over the last 6 weeks. We have found them really useful, and pip has seemed to really enjoy them. The way James worked with us was really supportive and positive, and he was always happy to answer questions, reassure us and give alternative ways of doing things if we were struggling. He was always calm and patient with us and with the puppies! Please could you pass on our thanks and comments to James?  



Christine Whitaker from Thornton le Dale wrote in August 2019


Just to let you know that Buddy and I had a fantastic time at fun and games last night. Being at least 20 years older than everyone else I’m absolutely cream crackered, but that’s what it’s all about,Buddy is a bit sleepy? , but will soon come to life. Really looking forward to next week. Keep up the brilliant work.


The following email was received in June 2019


Hi Christine you visited some time ago when I was having difficulty getting my jr terrier Buzz to accept a new puppy. We persevered with your advice and finally five months on he has accepted her and loves nothing better than to spend his time with her. Thank you so much for your time and advice. Diane Hall (Kirby Moorside)


An email received from a client following the first class of the agility course started on 7th June:

Hi Christine

I just wanted to say I (and Willow, of course!) had a fab time at agility.  James was a great must run in the genes!  See you next week.



This lovely email was received from Jo Flaherty of Norton following a visit by James to help with her new puppy

Good Morning Christine,

I would just like to take a moment to say a big thank you to James. He was really knowledgeable and gave us the reassurance regarding Jasper we were hoping for. It was good to discuss the immediate topics on our minds and James gave us some good tips and pointers that will now see us through to the beginning of the puppy training course. 


 James is such a calm nice person. Please pass on our thanks to him.


We look forward to the course.


Best Wishes

Jo and Sarah


Message received from Julia Ellis of Pickering following two one to one session with her young terrier cross puppy, Oscar, who had fear issues and barked and lunged at anything he passed on a walk.

Hi Christine,
Just had to share our news with you! Just been out for a walk with Alfie and Oscar and it is the first walk we have ever had where Oscar did not bark, not even once. No, it was not 2.00am that we went, but 4.00pm in the afternoon. We passed people, lawnmowers, cows, lorries, cars, bikes and DOGS: 2 of them on the pavement right next to us. Also it is very windy today!!
Thank you so much for all your advice as it is making so much difference. We will keep going and I am sure that we will get there now.

Thank you again from Oscar, Alfie and Julia.


Message received from Von Dowkes on 17/3/15 following a one to one visit and attendance at the APDT Foundation Course
Hi Chris, I hope you are well. Just a quick line to tell you how Winnie is coming along. She still pulls a bit when walking but much improved. She loves the car and seems to have lost much of her timid ness . She's calm, loving and insists on a million kisses a day. A totally different little girl to the one you met last year.
I don't think I've shouted at her once, I've not needed to. I've recommended you to everyone as I put much of this improvement down to you and your helping me.
Kind regards



Message received from Heather Drabble on 2 March 2015. Heather and Alfie have attended APDT Puppy, Foundation and are now on the APDT Progress course.
Alfie and myself have really enjoyed our puppy training with Christine. We have been taught in small groups. Puppies have been matched in age range and ability. Christine is flexible in her sessions to answer individual questions or worries. But most of all they have been lots of fun and both Alfie and I have enjoyed our training experience.

Heather and Alfie


Message received from Helen Johnson on 28/2/15 following a one to one visit
Hi Christine,
Thank you for coming to see Murphy and myself yesterday it was a pleasure to meet you.

We as a family have been putting in to practice what I was taught yesterday and you were right he is very quick to learn. Now I know some good techniques I'm sure we'll be able to over come some of his bad habits.


Message Received from Karen Hayward, Pickering, on 1/3/15

Hi Christine,
Thank you for the email. I loved last nights class, it was so much better than the previous class I had been to. Parker was shattered by the time we got home! We have been practicing twist and turn today as well as the scent work.
Can't wait for next week :)


Message received from Janis Calladene 15/11/14
Hi Chris --happy for you to share this

I would just like to say a massive thank you to Chris for the work done over the last few months with my 2 Labrador pups Henry and Dave who are now 8 months old.
Everyone said I was quite mad when I wanted 2 lab pups --one lab was quite enough but 2 was just asking for trouble!! I was determined to go ahead, and Henry and Dave, who are not litter brothers, arrived in our family in May. They have both attended classes with Chris --her calm, steady and consistent approach to training has now resulted in 2 growing labs that are responsive and a joy to be with( well most of the time, they do have their moments but we love them anyway!!). We will continue to work with Chris and progress on --I cannot recommend her training highly enough--so thanks Chris for your encouragement not only to Henry and Dave but to me --my own confidence in working with them has come on in leaps and bounds-may it long continue!


HIGHLY RECOMMEND Christine Stansfield as a wonderful dog trainer:
It has been about 5 years ago that we found Christine and registered to take Obedience I classes for our rescue dog, Jed. My husband and I have both grown up with dogs and I am a farm girl. I have never experienced a dog with behavioural problems such as this. We persevered with Jed for about 7 months and even drove out to the kennels to return him. We turned around as we were halfway there and decided that we needed to try something different. So we attended classes with Christine. She came highly recommended. Even when she met our dog, Jed, a beagle/bassett cross, she said, he is a “complex little character”. Jed would jump up, bite you, he was obnoxious to say the least. He didn’t like us and we didn’t like him. He had problems we thought we would never be able to fix.
We took Obedience I and Obedience II – 12 weeks of courses. After working with Christine and really learning the training techniques, we started seeing a real difference in Jed’s behaviour. He became attentive and more obedient as time rolled on. We never stopped working with him, even after classes ended.
We have now had Jed for about 6 years and he is a completely different dog. He is obedient, loving and we even trust him with a baby crawling on a floor. You couldn’t pay us to give him away now! We have a bed & breakfast and EVERYONE loves him. When the people pet him, he sits down at their feet and just waits to have his long ears rubbed. He puts on a show of all of his tricks, including waving bye bye with his paw as his guests leave the b & b.
Just a short year ago, we adopted another rescue and she had a few issues, but nothing like Jed. However, one of the best things about Christine’s classes is that she is not just teaching the dogs, but she has taught us how to train these dogs. So we still had the notes and the “know-how” to carry onto this other little rescue dog, Rosie. Now Jed & Rosie sit side by side and do their party tricks for guests as they leave. It’s adorable.
The key is to work with your dog as Christine instructs you to – EVERY DAY – during these classes and it certainly will pay off. Be persistent and don’t give us. As Christine says, a well trained is a HAPPY dog and that HAPPY DOG certainly has a HAPPY owner beside them.

Thanks Christine – not only our trainer but has also become a great friend!!
Nick & Melinda Garrity (Jed & Rosie too)!


Frankie Thompson wrote this on my facebook page - Thank you Frankie, you have worked so hard with Charlie he is a credit to you!
I would like to thank Christine for everything she has done. She's an amazing teacher and has worked wonders with my dog Charlie. And I have had loads of people comment on how well behaved my dog is when out for walks, He's done the puppy APDT foundation award and we are now going onto the next level. I also did a self control course which helped loads. We can't get enough, the more we do the happier my dog becomes. Would recommend her classes to anyone.
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