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  Private Training

One-to-one training is great for those with specific problems or those who may find it difficult to get to a class. One to one training is useful for example with lead work, reactivitynew puppies, confidence building, recall and focus.

Private One-to-one

Have a private hour session with Christine or James at our training unit or your home.

Ideal for those new to training, training specific skills or reactive dogs.

James - £40 +50p per mile (outside Malton)

Christine - £75 +50p per mile (outside Malton)

Private 1-2-1

Virtual One-to-one

Have a virtual 40 minute session with Christine or James via Zoom. 

Ideal for those with lots of questions, new puppies or rescues or reactive dogs.

If you live far away, this is the one for you.


Virtual 1-2-1

Home Visits

Have James pop round for a 45 minute visit to make sure your doing right by your puppy with their daily routine, sleep schedule, toileting, socialising, etc.

Ideal for giving you peace of mind and that you're doing the right thing for your new puppy and help iron out any teething problems.

£30 +50p per mile (outside Malton)

For 8 week old puppies.

Home Visits

Group Sessions

Have an hour group session with Christine or James at our training unit (6 dogs max). 

Book a group session with your friends or family, ideal for those who can't make it to courses due to other commitments.

From £15 each

Group Session
Book 1-2-1
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