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Shock Collars To Be Banned!

I couldn't let this amazing announcement go by without writing about it. After years of work by many people in the canine world these barbaric tools will finally be banned from February 2024. My only criticism is that we have to wait 9 months before the ban comes into force!

So many people will argue against this ban saying these collars don't do any harm. I'm afraid the evidence is clear, they cause physical harm burning the skin and leaving horrendous wounds.

Image of the damage caused by a shock collar.

Image taken from "In the doghouse DTC" Facebook

The effect electric collars have on the dog's mental state doesn't leave a visible wound. The advocates of these tools will tell you it doesn't affect the dog, but imagine living in anticipation of a receiving a shock. Research has shown that there are emotional and physiological changes associated with their use causing stress, fear and redirected aggression.

So a big thank you to all those who have tirelessly campaigned to get these barbaric instruments of torture banned.

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