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Christmas Caution

With Christmas around the corner it’s a good idea to make sure your house is dog proof! There are so many new things that might be around the house to attract your dog.

Chocolate is of course in abundance throughout the festive season. Very toxic to dogs especially dark chocolate so keep it safe.

Snow globes contain anti-freeze which can be fatal if a dog ingests it, so if you do have any keep them on shelves high enough to be away from your dog and if you happen to drop one remove your dog from the room while all contents are carefully cleaned up.

Grapes or anything relative, (sultanas/raisins et) of course this includes fruit cake. Make sure its not left out where your dog can sneak a piece.

The onion family are toxic for dogs, so please keep any food containing anything from this family safely out of harms way.

Poinsettias are a usually in abundance at Christmas (although I can never seem to keep one alive more than a few days!). The red petals are in fact leaves and are toxic if eaten in large quantities. But, even a small amount can cause gastric discomfort, so keep them high enough to be safe and watch out for any falling leaves.

Holly, ivy and mistletoe, all Christmas favourites, please make sure your dog doesn’t decide to have a snack on them.

Silica gel often found in packaging is toxic so make sure once the presents are unwrapped those little sachets are all disposed of carefully.

Likewise polystyrene, sometimes used in packaging can cause blockages if eaten. More dangerous as polystyrene doesn't show up on x-rays.

Christmas trees can be magnets for dog so distract them from showing interest by carefully causing them to retreat from the tree. We tend to make a noise in another room if the dogs start walking towards the tree. When the dog comes to investigate the noise we make a calm fuss and play with them for a couple of minutes. If you make an issue of them going towards the tree they will start to do it if they want attention. Its important to do this without drawing attention to the tree!

Not a great idea to leave your Christmas tree lights on if you aren’t in attendance – they have been known to start fires.

Just a few ideas to keep your pets safe at Christmas.

We hope you have a very happy and safe festive season!

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