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Training Walks

Training walks are great for building confidence in your own abilities as well as improving your dog's focus on you.

Practice exercises and learn new games to keep your dogs entertained and content to be with you out on a walk.

Walks vary in distance, duration and intensity, meaning some aren't suitable for puppies, while most can be altered to accommodate a younger dog some unfortunately cannot.

Pick from one of Renna's favourite walks from the selection below or pick one of your own, local to you.

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Malton & Norton

Take a walk round one of Malton & Norton's walks, Orchard Fields, Plantation or Scott's Hill. These walks are ideal for puppies as they are short distance, and while we'll be out 45 minutes-1 hour, it won't be constant walking and can be lengthened or shorted depending on age.

Distance - 1.5 - 3Km

Duration - 45 minutes - 1 hours

Parking - Free

Price - From £40

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A walk through Goathland village, then following the River Esk to Beck hole and up the Eller Beck back into Goathland via the famous train station. Opportunities to swim for you and you dog.

Distance - 7.5Km

Duration - 1/2 day

Parking - from £90

Egton Bridge

Starting just outside Glaisdale at Beggar's Bridge, this walk takes you through a mixture of wooded and open moorland to Egton Bridge, looping round to Beggar's Bridge.

Distance - 10km

Duration - 1/2 day

Parking - Free

Price - £90

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Falling Foss

A walk through the woods around Falling Foss, a beautiful waterfall in the depths of the  valley between Goathland and Fylingdales.

Distance - 5Km

Duration - 2-3 hours

Parking - From £75

Your Destination

Pick a destination local to yourself for a guided dog walk. 

Distance - ?

Duration - ?

Parking - ?

Price - £40 for the first hour, £25 per 30 minutes extra +50 per mile outside of Malton & Norton.

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