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Training Courses

Whether your dog is 10 weeks or 10 years old, group training can be a great place to begin or build on learning. 

All of our courses are 4 or 6 weeks long, with each class being 45 minutes - 1 hour in length

Every course you enroll on you will receive:

  • Video demonstrations for every exercise

  • A presentation containing information covered in each weeks class

  • Advice and Guidance for any problems any time throughout the course (business hours only)

  • Course eBooklet

If you are interested in any of our classes please get in touch.  If you are unsure what will be best for you and your dog get in touch and we can help you choose something suitable.

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You must have completed either a puppy course or a one-to-one assessment to enroll on any follow-on courses, this is to guarentee both you and others get the most out of the course.
Booking onto a course without one of these will result in removal from the course and a refund, minus admin fees (£5).

Puppy Training

Skills For Life

The perfect class to begin teaching your new puppy or rescue.   

Whether you've had dogs all your life or you're a first time owner you're sure to learn useful exercises and tips. 

Looking at all the basics; sit, down, stay, lead walking, etc. as well as brain training games, socialisation and exercises to keep them and you entertained and thinking between classes.

Length: 45 minutes per class

Price: £99

Stage 1

Skills For Life 2

Extend your and your dogs knowledge with Skills for Life 2, a 6 week training course. Building on the foundation of basic skills and introducing more advanced skills this course covers: Loose Lead Walking, Send-aways, Emergency Stops and much more!

Length: 45 minutes per class

Price: £99

Stage 2

Skills For Life 3

Now you've got the basics well in hand lets help you advance even further adding distance, distraction and duration to all the skills. Improving control and focus both on and off lead.

Length: 45 minutes per class

Price: £99

Fun and Games

Fun & Games

Fun & Games is a course designed to help make being with you the most exciting thing your dog can do

Learn exercises and games to keep your dog entertained on a walk, have a taster of different dog disciplines such as; agility, scentwork, parkour and more!

Length: 45 minutes per class

Price: £99

Scent Work

Scent Work

Dogs have an amazing sense of smell with over 300 million receptors! This 6 week fun course takes you through the basics of you how to get your dog searching. Your dog will love to join in the searches and you can be as inventive as you like when setting up searches inside or outside.

Length: 45 minutes per class

Price: £99

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