We run various workshops which focus on specific areas of dog training, from leadwork and recall to scentwork and agility. We also run workshops looking at some behaviour traits covering impulse control and over-reactivity.

Workshops are a great place to work through any difficulties you might be having with guidance from our dedicated trainers.

 We often offer spectator places as well as handler places on our workshops. Sometimes attending alone allows you to concentrate on the theory involved in teaching your dog. You can then take this information home with you to practice and perhaps attend the next workshop with your dog to hone your skills.

Leadwork Workshop

Teaching your dog to walk on a loose lead makes life so much better for everyone! Starting with the basic principle of your side being the best place to be we will then move on to encouraging your dog to stay close and not pull on the lead.

Length: 1 hour 30

Price: £35


Recall Workshop

Would you like the perfect rapid recall? Then this is the workshop for you.  Rather than watching your dog run off up the field watch them turn and run straight back to you!

Length: 2 x 1 hour 

Price: £50


Reactivity Workshop

If your dog over-reacts to different things - dogs, humans, other species then this is the workshop for you.  We will teach you how to encourage your dog to refocus on you so you can off the support they need to be able to cope.

Using the principle of Look at That - Now Look at Me! we will help you to teach your dog there's not need to worry.

Limited to 3 dogs per workshop

Length:  3 x 1 hour sessions

Price: £99


Scent and Sensibility

Fancy having a go at scentwork but not sure and don't want to commit to a course? Then this is the workshop for you.  We'll look at some of the basics and see how quickly your dog learns how to use their amazing sense of smell to find things.

Length: 1 hour 30

Price: £35


Gain with Games

Improve your dogs focus with fun!

Learn fun tricks, skills and games that are sure to engage and excite your dog whether your at home or on a walk.

Helps with; Focus, Co-ordination, Balance, Self-control, Reseptivness.


Participants; 6 Max

Length: 1.5 hours

Price: £40


Agility Skills

Improve your handling with this agility workshop, looking at exercises to improve your ability to control your dog around the course, or even out on a walk/run.

Looking at skills such as; off lead walking, changes of direction, distance control and more.

Participants: 4 Max.

Length: 1 hour 30

Price: £40