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Apex is a complete holistic dog food. Packed full of high quality ingredients, giving your dog a balanced diet to get them through the day.

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About us

As dog trainers we get see a lot of dogs and how different diets affect them, and have always had a brand dog food that we'd recommend to clients. We did this way for nearly 20 years, becoming local distributors for a number of different companies over the years. We did this until we started to struggle to find a high quality dog food at a reasonable price.

That's why, in 2019 we decided to create Apex Canine Nutrition, our own dog food brand, selling high quality, grain-free dog food across the UK. 


Karen says...

I took some of the food out on a walk recently with my two and 3 pointers. They all chose the treats in preference to a dead and decaying pheasant!!! This is high praise indeed!!! Xx

Joanne says...

Great dog food at a great price!

Rebecca says...

My puppy Ginny adores this dog food! She loves it so much we can even use it for her training treats! There’s not a lot she wouldn’t do for the salmon, trout and asparagus kibble

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